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Smart Weather Station(using Arduino)

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Home Automation using Google Firebase

 Home Automation Using Google Firebase Introduction : This is a home automation project which uses firebase and nodeMCU. First why I have chosen Firebase is because it can be maintained easily it has progress report, Crash Analytics etc and exactly it is free of cost so we can use this project to control the lights, fans, TV, etc. So let's get started Supplies: NodeMcu - 1 Nos  Relay Module - 1 Nos  Breadboard - 1 Nos  Male to female jumpers – 3 Nos An internet connection An android phone Step 1: Creating Database First you need to go to  this website  and log in to your Google account.       And click on create a new project    And give your project name and click continue. After a few minutes, it says, “your project is ready “and a continue button appears to click it, the dashboard appears. On the left side database tab will be there click on it.   And slowly scroll down you will see create real-time database button click on it.   It opens a dialog box telling you to choose eithe